Incredible Stories of Feral Children


Feral children are human kids that have, for whatever reason, been cut off from human contact at a young age and lose their sense for human behavior and often speech. Most of the famed myths and stories surrounding these incredible children often involve being brought up in the wilderness, and by various animals. From ancient times to the modern day, these stories are truly fascinating.

Romulus and Remus

Perhaps the most famous of Feral children, Romulus and Remus were the legendary brothers said to have been raised by a wolf in the countryside. Romulus would go on to found the city of Rome, but would tragically kill his brother. Their story is in rooted in Roman mythology and the image of the two boys suckling at the teats of the Capitoline Wolf has come to represent the city of Rome and the great Roman Empire. Their mother was part of the nobility at the time and King Amulius ordered them to be executed, but they were instead abandoned by the Tiber River – the site which would one day become Rome.